Weldon High Performance

Weldon Pump was formed in 1942 as a division of the Weldon Tool Company in Cleveland, Ohio. Founded in 1918, Weldon Tool’s strong reputation for close tolerance machining and grinding of hard materials led to a request from the U.S. Government to design and manufacture alcohol de-icing pumps for aircraft in support of World War II war effort.

After rapid design and testing, the newly formed Weldon Pump division manufactured a unique cam vane pump design, capable of rotating at speeds of 12,000 to 14,000 rpm while spraying a very fine mist of alcohol (one gallon per hour) onto airplane engine propellers. Weldon built thousands of these pumps for military aircraft during the war – including the B-24 Liberator Bomber. In recognition for this service and achievement, Weldon Pump was presented a US Army-Navy “E” Award – also known as the Army-Navy Production Award – in 1944. The award was an honor given to a company during World War II for “E”xcellence in production of war equipment.

Following the war, Weldon pumps were highly regarded in the burgeoning general aviation market and the company received many calls from returning servicemen and aircraft manufacturers who wanted to develop pumps for their own aircraft. With strong demand from a growing industry, the company expanded its line of pumps to include fuel, liquid transfer, hydraulic, lubrication and circulating pumps for the aviation and industrial markets.

Today, Weldon Pump continues to support the aviation, defense, and high performance/race industries with a growing line of pumps and valves. In order to continue our dedication to our customers, Weldon Pump provides custom engineering services and FAA-Approved repair facilities for aircraft, defense and high performance applications around the world.

With over 70 years of dedication to our customers, Weldon Pump remains steadfast in our desire to provide innovative, accurate and durable products. This drive is demonstrated in everyone, from our ownership to employees, as we strive each day to match or exceed the same commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that Weldon Pump has displayed since our founding.