JHydro Drivers

James Fudge #65

Austin Anthony Terry #03

Driver Name : Austin Anthony Terry
Age : 10
Hometown : Houma Louisiana
Email : dustin.terry@ymail.com
Team Name : McCollough Racing
Boat Class : J-Hydro
Boat Number : 03
Crew Chief : Adrienne Terry
Engine Builder : Keven McCollough
Crew Members : Dustin Terry, Katy Terry, Annabelle Terry, Hal Broomes, Sue McCollough, Allen Gautreaux, Reuben Stafford
Nickname : Ausman, Wildman
Years as a Race Driver : 1
Occupation : Student
What Got You Started Racing : When my dad started racing, I wanted to do it with him.
Sponsors : Ameristar Roofing, McCollough Racing, Craftsmaam
Career Highlights : Beating Jack Schubert in a heat race in Orange Texas.
Racing Goals : To beat Jack again and to get a first place trophy. To be just like my dad.
Hobbies and Interests : I like playing a lot of sports like football, soccer, and basketball. I like to swim, play golf, and ride my dirt bike. My favorite foods are pizza, ham, lettuce and steak.

Mark Richard Schaeffer

Driver Name : Mark Richard Schaeffer
Age : 12
Hometown : Hillsboro MO
Email : schaeffer186@gmail.com
Boat Class : J-Hydro
Team Name : JCK Foster Motorsports
Crew Chief : My Father Charles Vincent Schaeffer
Crew Members : Charlie Schaeffer, Mark Schaeffer, Lynn Wilson Kelly Ireland
Nickname : Mark “MadMan” Schaeffer
Years as a Race Driver : Rookie
Occupation : Student
What Got You Started Racing : My dad being on Tim Seebolds race team as a mechanic
Sponsors : Seebold Sports, Foster Motorsports, Dad, Mom