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Tracy Hawkins #2

Driver Name : Tracy Hawkins
Age : 58
Hometown : Willis, Texas
Team Name : T-Hawk Racing
Boat Class : Formula One
Boat Number : 2
Crew Chief : David Tuttle
Engine Builder : The crew
Crew Members : Roberto Soto, June Gasporo, Charlie Donaldson & David Tuttle
Years as a Race Driver : 40
Occupation : Electrical Contractor
Who Got You Started Racing : Assistant Referee Darrell Beaulier & Kevin Beaulier
What Made You Want to Race? : Childhood dream
Sponsors : Tuttle Enterprises, Palmer Power Corporation, CDI Electronics, Bel Ray Lubricants, Stow-A-Way Marina, Palmer Power Corp and Baumann Propellors
Career Highlights : 3 time National Champion, Inducted into APBA Hall of Champions, Sport Racing Series Champion, 2013, 2014, 2016, Winner – Mexico Champion, 2016
Racing Goals : To win the NGK F1 Powerboat Championship
Hobbies and Interests : Boat Racing
Pre-Season Preparation : We have been building a new boat and powerbeads, as well as testing props and preparing for the 2018 Championship run!

Boat Racer


Bobby Briggs #41

Driver Name : Bobby Briggs
Nickname : “Bumpin” Bobby Briggs
Driver Age : 66
Hometown : Toledo, OH
Team Name : Busch Cracklin Racing
Boat Class : Formula One
Boat Number : 41
Crew Chief : Ryan Kurtz
Engine Builder : Gohr Performance
Crew Members : Tracy Kurtz, Joe Phillips, Scott Phillips, Logan Phillips, Lily Phillips, Tyler Zoltanski, Dan Pollzzie, Kurt Geise, Trevor Sawyer
Years as a race driver : 7
Occupation : Jack of All Trades Master of None!
Employer : Briggs Construction
Years On The Job : 40
What Got You Started Racing : Dave White brought an F1 to the sailing club in Toledo
Sponsors : Erie Marine Supply, GeiTech, Preston Homes,
Career Highlights : 2005 Champboat Series SST-120 Rookie of the Year, 2022 Powerboat N ationals Formula 2 Rookie of Year
Racing Goals: Top 5 or better finish, and running with Teammate Jimmy Kerr All Season
Hobbies and Interests : Pleasure Boating, Fishing,



Greg Foster
Boat Racer


Greg “Fearless” Foster #53

Driver Name : Greg Foster
Age : 62
Hometown : Orange, Ca
Team Name : JCK Foster Motorsports
Boat Class : F1
Boat Number : 53
Crew Chief : Al Stoker
Engine Builder : Ron Anderson
Boat Make : Hoffman
Engine :
 Mercury 2.5L
Boat Make : Hoffman
Engine :
 Mercury 2.5L
Crew Members : Lynn Wilson, Kelly Ireland, Paul Fitzgerald,Charlie Schaeffer, Jeff Hoechstenbach
Nickname : Fearless
Spouse Name : Kelly Ireland
Years Together With Spouse : 11
Years as a Race Driver : 43
Occupation : Crane Rental President
Employer : Crane Rental Service
Years On The Job : 45
What Got You Started Racing : My Dad
Sponsors : CB Technologies, JCK Foster Motorsports
Career Highlights : 2001-2002 Formula One Championship
Racing Goals : To win another Championship in the 2019 racing season.
Hobbies and Interests : Anything with a steering wheel!
Hobbies : Anything with a steering wheel… Off Road Racing, Sprint Car Racing and Mountain Biking.