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Radio Systems: A variety of UHF & VHF radios with custom noise filtration

Based on your situation, we can design a system to fit your application regardless of constraints. Whether a large coverage area or digital noise reduction is needed, there is a two-way radio system to fit your needs.

Intercom Systems: IP multi-channel options with remote user connections
We can provide either a single channel digital system or a multi-channel IP-based system. Either is a great option that allows for remote connectivity for a vast number of users.

Headsets: Custom control options on a wide range of types of headsets
We are able to apply your own passive and active noise reduction to create a higher quality of audio. This is further ensured with our modifications to your custom headset.Rental & Management: Multiple leasing options & plans for event system management available
For any size event, we offer rentals of whole or partial systems. Additionally, we offer on-site technical support or options to fully manage your group or event.