Formula 1 Race Ride Experience

Purpose built Two Seat Formula 1 boats to promote the events, sponsors, and the sport through media, sponsors, and VIP ride experience at event  locations. At Press conferences and pre-race announcements,this boat is always front and center capturing the media’s camera lenses. This valuable tool assists race sites in raising sponsorship dollars along with bridging the gap with local officials to secure a new race site. Utilize this unique asset for your corporate sales promotional prize, setting you apart from the competition.

Photo and video templates with sponsorship branding will be a must for the lucky passengers documenting their experience. Helmet and life-jacket sponsor branding assures no opportunity will be missed.

This boat is used as the series pace boat for all restarts keeping the action going on the course reducing down time for the fans. We look forward to using this tool to introduce America’s youth to our waterways, boating, and the marine industry. Custom made boat graphics wrap putting your company front and center prior and during all of the events. Requires a two-year commitment.
  • Formula 1 Boat Race Ride Experience
  • 5+ g’s cornering
  • Worlds hardest cornering vehicle
  • 100+ miles per hour
  • Dragster like acceleration
  • Promotional 2 Seat Formula 1 Boat
  • Ride Experience for Dignitaries, Media, Sponsors, VIP’s
  • Promote your Company or Event
  • Corporate Sales Contest Prize
  • Boat Sponsorship Branding
  • Photo and Video Template Corporate Branding
  • Race Gear Corporate Branding
  • Youth Educational Tool