JH Performance Boats

Sport Marine is a family owned and operated marine service facility that has been serving the boating public in Richmond, Texas for over 12 years.

All currently produced JH Performance boats are constructed from the highest quality polyester gelcoats and resins using a variety of fiberglass cloth materials in multiple layers for added strength. Floors and decks are 100% composite core, and transoms are high density one piece composite sheets. .

All hulls are one piece hand laid and are ground and sanded between each fiberglass layer in order to achieve the strongest possible lamination. Wood is not used in any model.

A wide range of color choices are available for all models. High quality materials, excellent workmanship, attention to detail and multiple quality control checks throughout the manufacturing

process make certain that your boat will be a source of pride and enjoyment to you for many years.

Please feel free to contact us for further information on JH Performance Boats.