TriHull Drivers

Cory Walker #1

Team Name – Walker Engineers PPLC
Crew Chief – Cory Walker
Driver Name – Cory Walker
Age – 42
Hometown – Richmond, Texas
Years as a race driver – 11
Spouse Name/children- Tiffany, 2 girls Cora 3 years old and Lola 1 year old
Occupation – Structural Engineer, Walker Engineers, PPLC
Sponsors – Waler Engineers PPLC, Cory Walker
Who got you started racing? – My friends John and Michael Schubert got me involved after going and watching a race that they conducted and participated in.
What made you want to race? – I’ve always loved driving boats ever since I was very young. By the time I was 12 years old I knew I was going to boat race if the opportunity presented itself.

Tanner Rinker #10

Driver Name  Tanner Rinker
Age  21
Hometown *Required: Spring, Texas
Email *
Facebook Link
Instagram Link
Team Name: Rinker Racing
Boat Class *Required: Tri Hull
Boat Number *Required: #10
Crew Chief: Neal Barclay
Engine Builder: Neal Barclay and Chris Barclay
Crew Members: Samantha Rinker, Chris Rinker, Dylan Gumina, Neal Barclay and Chris Barclay
Nickname: \’Tanner Big Time Rinker\’
Years as a Race Driver *Required: 3
Occupation: Student
What Got You Started Racing: Family tradition
Sponsors: Rinker\’s Boat World, Roswell Marine Audio, Sylvan Boats, First Approval, Rinker Products & Services and McClain Trailers
Career Highlights: Podium finish at my second race of my career with my Gramps (Scary Jerry)
Racing Goals: To beat Gramps (Scary Jerry)
Hobbies and Interests: Football, Boat racing, fishing, hunting, wake surfing, chasing girls

Grant Schubert #13

Driver Age:18
Hometown:Richmond Tx
Boat Class:F1 ,Tri-hull
Boat Number:13
Crew Chief:Michael Schubert
Crew Members:Mike Higginbotham
Years as a race driver:9
What Got You Started Racing:family
Sponsors:Jh performance
Career Hilights:winning the national championship in sst45
Racing Goals:win the championship for tri-hull in 2023
Hobbies and Interests:Rc car racing and fishing

Neal Marsh # 17

Driver Age:46
Hometown:Hemlock MI
Facebook Link: MarshRacing#17
Instagram Link: @Marsh_racing_17_trihull
Team Name: Marsh Racing
Boat Class: Tri-Hull
Boat Number: 17
Crew Chief: Jim Fox
Engine Builder: Jim Ottinger
Crew Members: Steve Vermeesch, Josh Colberg, Brian Liotta, Sam Wardin
Nickname “The Dude”
Spouse Name: Josie Marsh
Years Together With Spouse: 14
Years as a race driver: 17
Occupation: Union Boilermaker
Employer: Boilermaker Local 169/Monarch
Years On The Job: 24
What Got You Started Racing: Jay Fox and the Bay City River Roar
Career Hilights: 2008 Tri-Hull-A—Thon winner with co-driver Glyn Mathews. In 2022 we had seven heat wins and two finals wins, including, Port Neches Riverfest and Springfield OH. 2022 APBA National Championship. 2022 F1PC High Points Champion. On the podium for three of the four finals.
Racing Goals: Continue getting on the podium and growing the class.
Hobbies and Interests: Family time on the PACHANGA, camping, fishing, snowmobiling.

John Ottinger #33

Driver Name: John Michael Ottinger
Driver Age: 25
Hometown: Bay City Texas
Facebook Link: johnottinger
Boat Class: Tri Hull
Boat Number: 33
Crew Chief: Jim Ottinger
Engine Builder: Jim Ottinger
Crew Members: Terri Ottinger, Sarah Ottinger and Dad
Nickname: John Michael
Years as a race driver: 14
Occupation: Ranch Hand
Employer: G&L services
What Got You Started Racing:1 month
Sponsors:J&H performance Boats
Career Highlights:2021 finished 4th in points without being on the podium. Finished fourth in points in the 2022 season. Made a podium appearance in Lake Havasu
Racing Goals: To win and wear the Tri Hull Belt
Hobbies and Interests: Fishing, hunting and boat racing

Jerry Rinker #52

Driver Name : Scary Jerry Rinker
Age : 78
Hometown : Houston ,Texas
Email :
Website :
Facebook Link : Jerry Rinker
Team Name : Rinker Racing-\” Houston!\”
Boat Class : Tri Hull
Boat Number : #10
Crew Chief : Neal Barclay
Engine Builder : Neil Barclay and Chris Barclay
Crew Members : Chris Rinker, Samantha Rinker, Neil Barclay and Chris Barclay
Nickname : \”Scary Jerry!\”
Spouse Name : Catherine Rinker
Years Together With Spouse : 55 Years
Years as a Race Driver : 71 years
Occupation : Partner of Rinkers Boat World
Employer : Rinkers Boat World
Years On The Job : Forever
What Got You Started Racing : My brother Jan made me race a boat when I was 7..\”Jan told me, if the little girl beats you do not come back!!
Sponsors : Rinker’s Boat World, Sylvan, First Approval, Rinker Products & Services, Pro Marine USA, McClain Trailers, Prep H
Career Highlights : At 7 I started in J- Runabout , at around 15-16 started running A and B Runabout\’, After returning from the Army we got into many Grand Prix for several years..After college we started the boat dealership we got back into Mini GP and occasional Sport C. . In 204 we got into racing the Tri Hulls.. with 15 + years in this class I have been pretty successful, I have won probably 20 races and am #time Point champion and all of those have came after turning 68. The most important win was last year at Nashville. I have won Port Neches (4) times! I HAVE HAD THE BELT (3) OF LAST 7 YEARS!
Racing Goals : My goal is to race until Im 80 and beat my brother John who was 79 when he ran his last race! to do that in a Tri Hull is going to be quite a challenge do to the beating you take but I am going to try!
Hobbies and Interests : Racing and golf!

Darren Ware #54

Driver Name : Darren L Ware
Age : 53
Hometown : Richmond
Email :
Facebook Link : Selco auto restoration
Team Name : Selco
Boat Class: tri hull
Boat Number : 54
Crew Chief : Rayon ware
Crew Members : 3
Nickname : CADDY
Spouse Name : Leza ware
Years Together With Spouse : 25
Years as a Race Driver : 6
Employer : SELCO
What Got You Started Racing : Mike& John Schubert
Sponsors : Selco auto restoration
Racing Goals : to win
Hobbies and Interests : cars boat racing fishing

Josh Wells #88

Driver Name : Josh Wells
Driver Age: 35
Hometown: Richmond, Texas
Facebook Link: fb://group/608212907749915?ref=share
Team Name:: Heavy Hands
Boat Class:: Tri-Hull
Boat Number: 88
Crew Chief:: Self
Engine Builder: : Depends on how bad my luck is 😂
Nickname: J Dub
Crew Members:: Jim Wells
Years as a race driver:: 3
Occupation: Elevator man
Employer: IUEC Local 31
Years On The Job: 10
What Got You Started Racing: The beer joint next to the boat shop closed down
Career Hilights: Handful of top 3 finishes
Racing Goals: Find the middle of the podium
Hobbies and Interests: Surprisingly enough, boat racing.

Devyn Brown #99

Driver Name : Devyn Brown
Age : 17
Hometown : Katy, TX
Email :
Team Name : Yates Racing
Boat Class : Tri-hull
Boat Number : 99
Crew Chief : Travis Yates
Engine Builder : Roberto Soto – Outboard Performance Services
Crew Members : Chris Marlow
Years as a Race Driver : 1
Occupation : High School Graduation 2019- headed to college
What Got You Started Racing : My stepdad has been racing for years and he let me drive his Tri-hull last year in Orange.
Sponsors : Yates Electrical Services
Racing Goals : Continue to improve my driving skills
Hobbies and Interests : Basketball, college

Donny Allen #17

Noah Perwin #16

Wyatt Zoeller

Driver Age: 27
Hometown: Concan Tx.
Team Name: Diamond Z Racing
Boat Class: Trihull
Boat Number: 42
Crew Chief: James Tinker
Crew Members: Troy Zoeller
Spouse Name: Brittany
Years Together With Spouse: 7
Years as a race driver: 3
Occupation: HVAC
Employer: County Wide Air and Heat
Years On The Job: 1
What Got You Started Racing: Family who races
Sponsors: Diamond Z Rentals, Irby Electrical, Milwaukee Tools
Career Hilights: Heat wins
Racing Goals: Be at the top of the class
Hobbies and Interests: Racing , Hunting, Fishing

Mason Rinker

Driver Name Mason Rinker
Age *Required: 23
Age : 24
Hometown : Spring, TX
Email :
Team Name: Rinker Racing
Boat Class :Tri Hull
Boat Number :37
Crew Chief: Kameron Creager
Engine Builder : Neal Barclay
Years as a Race Driver : 1
Occupation: Engineer
Employer : Lockheed Martin
Years On The Job : 2
What Got You Started Racing : Family

JB Jensen

Driver Age:29
Hometown:Windsor, Colorado
Facebook Link :
Team Name: GoBoat Racing
Boat Class:Tri-Hull
Boat Number:93
Crew Chief:John Jensen
Crew Members:Scott Jensen, Dave Richards, Ronnie Brown, Amie Jensen, Jacqueline Jensen
Spouse Name:Kristi
Years Together With Spouse:9
Years as a race driver:2
Employer:Island Lake Marine & Sports
What Got You Started Racing:Growing up watching my dad and uncle racing. I grew up in it!
Sponsors: GoBoat USA, Island Lake Marine & Sports, Water Valley

Jared Jensen

Driver Name:Jared Jensen
Driver Age:24
Hometown:Windsor, CO
Team Name:GoBoat Racing
Boat Class:Formula Light, Tri-Hull
Boat Number:29
Crew Chief:John Jensen
Crew Members:Dave Richards, Scott Jensen, Ronnie Brown, Jake Vuolo, Amie Jensen, Jacqueline Jensen
Years as a race driver:3
Occupation:Rental Manager
Employer:GoBoat USA
Years On The Job:6
What Got You Started Racing:Dad and Uncle used to tear it up in F1!
Sponsors:GoBoat USA, Island Lake Marine & Sports, The Water Valley Company
Career Hilights:Leading every lap of a heat and still taking 5th
Racing Goals:To race Formula One boats.
Hobbies and Interests:Snowboarding and wake surfing

Aaron Green

Driver Age:44
Hometown:Whitewright Texas
Facebook Link:
Team Green – Texas Tri Hull Racing
Boat Class:Tri -Hull
Boat Number:63
Spouse Name:Holly Green
Years Together With Spouse:21
Years as a race driver:1
Occupation:Fire Captain / Paramedic
Employer:Sherman Fire / Rescue
Years On The Job:19
What Got You Started Racing:Gary Hughes Invited my wife and I to a race after taking my bass boat to him to be repaired in April of 2022
Sponsors:BW Customs and Automotive – Whitewright Texas
Racing Goals:To be a serious competitorHobbies and Interests:My kids keep me pretty busy with livestock shows and sports. I really enjoy practicing softball with my two daughters. We also run a small cattle ranch that consumes the rest of any spare time we may find.