Tri Hull Drivers

TriHull Drivers

Cory Walker #1

Team Name – Walker Engineers PPLC
Crew Chief – Cory Walker
Driver Name – Cory Walker
Age – 42
Hometown – Richmond, Texas
Years as a race driver – 11
Spouse Name/children- Tiffany, 2 girls Cora 3 years old and Lola 1 year old
Occupation – Structural Engineer, Walker Engineers, PPLC
Sponsors – Waler Engineers PPLC, Cory Walker
Who got you started racing? – My friends John and Michael Schubert got me involved after going and watching a race that they conducted and participated in.
What made you want to race? – I’ve always loved driving boats ever since I was very young. By the time I was 12 years old I knew I was going to boat race if the opportunity presented itself.

Tanner Rinker #10

Driver Name  Tanner Rinker
Age  21
Hometown *Required: Spring, Texas
Email *
Facebook Link
Instagram Link
Team Name: Rinker Racing
Boat Class *Required: Tri Hull
Boat Number *Required: #10
Crew Chief: Neal Barclay
Engine Builder: Neal Barclay and Chris Barclay
Crew Members: Samantha Rinker, Chris Rinker, Dylan Gumina, Neal Barclay and Chris Barclay
Nickname: \’Tanner Big Time Rinker\’
Years as a Race Driver *Required: 3
Occupation: Student
What Got You Started Racing: Family tradition
Sponsors: Rinker\’s Boat World, Roswell Marine Audio, Sylvan Boats, First Approval, Rinker Products & Services and McClain Trailers
Career Highlights: Podium finish at my second race of my career with my Gramps (Scary Jerry)
Racing Goals: To beat Gramps (Scary Jerry)
Hobbies and Interests: Football, Boat racing, fishing, hunting, wake surfing, chasing girls

Grant Schubert #13

Driver Age:18
Hometown:Richmond Tx
Boat Class:F1 ,Tri-hull
Boat Number:13
Crew Chief:Michael Schubert
Crew Members:Mike Higginbotham
Years as a race driver:9
What Got You Started Racing:family
Sponsors:Jh performance
Career Hilights:winning the national championship in sst45
Racing Goals:win the championship for tri-hull in 2023
Hobbies and Interests:Rc car racing and fishing

Neal Marsh # 17

Driver Name: Neal Marsh
Age: 45
Hometown: Hemlock, Mi
Team Name: Marsh Racing
Boat Class: Tri-Hull
Boat Number: 17
Crew Chief: Jay/Jim Fox, Michael/John Schubert
Nickname: Neal Bob
Spouse: Josie
Children: Ellie 9 and Trevor 5
Years as a Race Driver: on and off for 15 years
Employer: Boilermakers Local 169 Monarch Welding and Engineering
Years on the job: 21
What got you started in Racing: I worked on the Fox’s  Tunnel Boat team, who introduced me to Kevin Ladd. I was Kevin’s crew chief on both 45 and 120.  I met the Schurberts in Cincinnati and they put me in a Tri-Hull. I’ve been hooked ever since.
Sponsors: JH Performance Boats, West System
Career Highlights: 2008 Tri-Hull-A-Thon Winner with Co-Driver Glenn Matthews
Racing Goals:  Get back on the podium and continue having fun
Hobbies and Interests: Boating,Camping,Snowmobiling,Fishing

John Ottinger #33

Age : 21
Hometown : BAY CITY, TEXAS
Email :
Boat Class : TRI HULL
Boat Number : 33
Engine Builder : JIM OTTINGER
Spouse Name : SINGLE
Years Together With Spouse : SINGLE
Years as a Race Driver : 10
Employer : CCS
Years On The Job : 1.5
What Got You Started Racing : JOHN SCHUBERT
Sponsors : J&H BOATS, NGK
Racing Goals : WIN TRI HULL BELT

Jerry Rinker #52

Driver Name : Scary Jerry Rinker
Age : 78
Hometown : Houston ,Texas
Email :
Website :
Facebook Link : Jerry Rinker
Team Name : Rinker Racing-\” Houston!\”
Boat Class : Tri Hull
Boat Number : #10
Crew Chief : Neal Barclay
Engine Builder : Neil Barclay and Chris Barclay
Crew Members : Chris Rinker, Samantha Rinker, Neil Barclay and Chris Barclay
Nickname : \”Scary Jerry!\”
Spouse Name : Catherine Rinker
Years Together With Spouse : 55 Years
Years as a Race Driver : 71 years
Occupation : Partner of Rinkers Boat World
Employer : Rinkers Boat World
Years On The Job : Forever
What Got You Started Racing : My brother Jan made me race a boat when I was 7..\”Jan told me, if the little girl beats you do not come back!!
Sponsors : Rinker’s Boat World, Sylvan, First Approval, Rinker Products & Services, Pro Marine USA, McClain Trailers, Prep H
Career Highlights : At 7 I started in J- Runabout , at around 15-16 started running A and B Runabout\’, After returning from the Army we got into many Grand Prix for several years..After college we started the boat dealership we got back into Mini GP and occasional Sport C. . In 204 we got into racing the Tri Hulls.. with 15 + years in this class I have been pretty successful, I have won probably 20 races and am #time Point champion and all of those have came after turning 68. The most important win was last year at Nashville. I have won Port Neches (4) times! I HAVE HAD THE BELT (3) OF LAST 7 YEARS!
Racing Goals : My goal is to race until Im 80 and beat my brother John who was 79 when he ran his last race! to do that in a Tri Hull is going to be quite a challenge do to the beating you take but I am going to try!
Hobbies and Interests : Racing and golf!

Darren Ware #54

Driver Name : Darren L Ware
Age : 53
Hometown : Richmond
Email :
Facebook Link : Selco auto restoration
Team Name : Selco
Boat Class: tri hull
Boat Number : 54
Crew Chief : Rayon ware
Crew Members : 3
Nickname : CADDY
Spouse Name : Leza ware
Years Together With Spouse : 25
Years as a Race Driver : 6
Employer : SELCO
What Got You Started Racing : Mike& John Schubert
Sponsors : Selco auto restoration
Racing Goals : to win
Hobbies and Interests : cars boat racing fishing

Josh Wells #88

Driver Name : Josh Wells
Driver Age: 35
Hometown: Richmond, Texas
Facebook Link: fb://group/608212907749915?ref=share
Team Name:: Heavy Hands
Boat Class:: Tri-Hull
Boat Number: 88
Crew Chief:: Self
Engine Builder: : Depends on how bad my luck is 😂
Nickname: J Dub
Crew Members:: Jim Wells
Years as a race driver:: 3
Occupation: Elevator man
Employer: IUEC Local 31
Years On The Job: 10
What Got You Started Racing: The beer joint next to the boat shop closed down
Career Hilights: Handful of top 3 finishes
Racing Goals: Find the middle of the podium
Hobbies and Interests: Surprisingly enough, boat racing.

Devyn Brown #99

Driver Name : Devyn Brown
Age : 17
Hometown : Katy, TX
Email :
Team Name : Yates Racing
Boat Class : Tri-hull
Boat Number : 99
Crew Chief : Travis Yates
Engine Builder : Roberto Soto – Outboard Performance Services
Crew Members : Chris Marlow
Years as a Race Driver : 1
Occupation : High School Graduation 2019- headed to college
What Got You Started Racing : My stepdad has been racing for years and he let me drive his Tri-hull last year in Orange.
Sponsors : Yates Electrical Services
Racing Goals : Continue to improve my driving skills
Hobbies and Interests : Basketball, college

Donny Allen #17

Noah Perwin #16

Wyatt Zoeller

Driver Name * Required: Wyatt Zoeller
Age *Required: 26
Hometown *Required: Concan
Email *Required:
Team Name: Diamond Z racing
Boat Class *Required: TriHull
Boat Number *Required: 42
Crew Chief: James Tinker
Engine Builder:
Crew Members: James Tinker, Troy Zoeller
Spouse Name: (Girlfriend) Brittney Kauffman
Years Together With Spouse: 6
Years as a Race Driver *Required: 1
Occupation: Real estate agent
Employer: Self
Years On The Job: 3
What Got You Started Racing: My uncle, F1 driver Travis Yates, and cousin, TriHull driver Devyn Brown
Sponsors: J&H performance, Diamond Z rentals, NGK
Career Highlights:
Racing Goals: To constantly increase my skills as a driver
Hobbies and Interests:

Mason Rinker

Driver Name Mason Rinker
Age *Required: 23
Age : 24
Hometown : Spring, TX
Email :
Team Name: Rinker Racing
Boat Class :Tri Hull
Boat Number :37
Crew Chief: Kameron Creager
Engine Builder : Neal Barclay
Years as a Race Driver : 1
Occupation: Engineer
Employer : Lockheed Martin
Years On The Job : 2
What Got You Started Racing : Family

JB Jensen

Driver Age:29
Hometown:Windsor, Colorado
Facebook Link :
Team Name: GoBoat Racing
Boat Class:Tri-Hull
Boat Number:93
Crew Chief:John Jensen
Crew Members:Scott Jensen, Dave Richards, Ronnie Brown, Amie Jensen, Jacqueline Jensen
Spouse Name:Kristi
Years Together With Spouse:9
Years as a race driver:2
Employer:Island Lake Marine & Sports
What Got You Started Racing:Growing up watching my dad and uncle racing. I grew up in it!
Sponsors: GoBoat USA, Island Lake Marine & Sports, Water Valley

Jared Jensen

Driver Name:Jared Jensen
Driver Age:24
Hometown:Windsor, CO
Team Name:GoBoat Racing
Boat Class:Formula Light, Tri-Hull
Boat Number:29
Crew Chief:John Jensen
Crew Members:Dave Richards, Scott Jensen, Ronnie Brown, Jake Vuolo, Amie Jensen, Jacqueline Jensen
Years as a race driver:3
Occupation:Rental Manager
Employer:GoBoat USA
Years On The Job:6
What Got You Started Racing:Dad and Uncle used to tear it up in F1!
Sponsors:GoBoat USA, Island Lake Marine & Sports, The Water Valley Company
Career Hilights:Leading every lap of a heat and still taking 5th
Racing Goals:To race Formula One boats.
Hobbies and Interests:Snowboarding and wake surfing

Aaron Green

Driver Age:44
Hometown:Whitewright Texas
Facebook Link:
Team Green – Texas Tri Hull Racing
Boat Class:Tri -Hull
Boat Number:63
Spouse Name:Holly Green
Years Together With Spouse:21
Years as a race driver:1
Occupation:Fire Captain / Paramedic
Employer:Sherman Fire / Rescue
Years On The Job:19
What Got You Started Racing:Gary Hughes Invited my wife and I to a race after taking my bass boat to him to be repaired in April of 2022
Sponsors:BW Customs and Automotive – Whitewright Texas
Racing Goals:To be a serious competitorHobbies and Interests:My kids keep me pretty busy with livestock shows and sports. I really enjoy practicing softball with my two daughters. We also run a small cattle ranch that consumes the rest of any spare time we may find.