NGK F1PC Formula One 2021 Final Lake Havasu

The Final Round of the 2021 Season that wrapped up the weekend’s festivities on Lake Havasu was the barn burner everyone thought it would be, the only difference is another driver the # 17 of Dylan Anderson added his name to the mix of drivers vying for the final race win of 2021.

Qualifying was even tighter in round 5 than it was in round 4. The #80 of Brent Dillard got tangled up with the #71 of Jimmy Kerr in the treacherous turn 1 and had to move to his backup boat making his back to back wins a tall task. In the main event there was deck to deck racing that saw only a few seconds separate 1st – 4th on the grid.

The tight qualifying battle proved great preparation for the #24 of Spencer Love as he secured the pole position and was able to run wire to wire for victory in one of the most dynamic Formula One races across North America in the past 20 years.

The effort of the #24 Spencer love was epic as he clawed for every point in round 5, however he came up just short in his bid to take over the top spot in the series standings with his win.

The #10 of Terry Rinker running for Phase 3 Performance was able to use his back to back 2nd place finishes in round 4 & 5 to bring the championship title back home to Tampa, FL with #24 Spencer Love securing 2nd place and #17 Dylan Anderson capturing his first series hardware in his 3rd season on the NGK Formula One Powerboat Championship Series.

NGK F1PC F Lights Final Race Highlights Sunday Lake Havasu

Qualifying Heat 3

1. 35 Mark Schmerbauch

2. 10 Jason Williams

3. 87 Jeffery Connan


1. 10 Jason Williams

2. 35 Mark Schmerbauch

3. 13 Grant Schubert

NGK F1PC Tri Hull Final Race Highlights Sunday Lake Havasu

Qualifying Heat 3

1. 9 Whitney Fletcher

2. 52 Jerry Rinker

3. 13 Grant Schubert

Qualifying Heat 4

1. 99 Devyn Brown

2. 13 Grant Schubert

3. 88 Josh Wells


1. 13 Grant Schubert

2. 88 Josh Wells

3. 9 Whitney Fletcher