F1 Drivers

Formula One Drivers

Dustin Terry #03

Driver Name : Dustin Terry
Age : 33
Hometown : Houma LA
Email : dustin.terry@ymail.com
Facebook Link : facebook.com/extremetrihulls
Instagram Link : dusman03
Team Name : McCollough Racing
Boat Class : F1
Boat Number : 03
Crew Chief : Keven McCollough
Engine Builder : Hal Broomes
Boat Make: Hoffman
Mercury Apex 200
Crew Members : Mike Farmer, Sue McCollough, Reuben Stafford, Jesse Holland, Blake Jones, Barry McCollough, Katy Terry,
Nickname : Dusman
Spouse Name : Katy Terry
Years Together With Spouse : 10
Years as a Race Driver : 14
Occupation : Contractor
Employer : Ameristar Roofing
Years On The Job : 7
What Got You Started Racing : I went to several f1 races as a kid and the Schuberts let me try a trihull when I was 19. My dad bought me a boat for the next season.
Sponsors : Del Papa Distributing, Michelob Ultra, Ameristar Roofing, McCollough Trucking
Career Highlights : I have two series championships in trihull. I have a bunch of wins but my personal favorite was winning the 2016 Formula 150 National Championship. Lynn Simberger, the builder of my boat, had just passed the week prior to the race and it was an emotional victory for my team.
Racing Goals : I know a series championship is in my future. My team is so strong and i have a wonderful support group. I think my biggest goal would be to be able to contribute to my son, my sister, or someone else to win a championship when I am done. I really look up to the people who have helped me achieve my dreams and I’d love to do that for someone else.
Hobbies and Interests : I like playing sports with my kids and cooking cajun foods of any kind. I like training in the offseason and the smell of gumbo every Sunday.

Wesley Cheatham #4

Driver Name : Wesley Cheatham
Age : 30
Hometown : Trinity, Texas
Email : wes.cheatham@yahoo.com
Team Name : Cheatham Racing
Boat Class : F1
Boat Number : 4
Crew Chief : Kelly May
Engine Builder : Glyn Mathews
Boat Make: Seebold
Mercury 2.5L
Crew Members : Tony Davis, Walter Lynch, Rodney Cheatham, James Cheatham
Years as a Race Driver : Been racing boats for 10 yrs. 5 yrs in the F1 class
Occupation : Electrician
Employer : Blackhawk Eletric / Uncle Tracy
Years On The Job : 2
What Got You Started Racing : My family has been racing since the 1940s. I\’m a fourth generation driver.
Sponsors : Trinity Excavators / Mathews Tractor Service
Career Highlights : Biggest achievement was winning Port Neches Riverfest in 2015 was my fourth race in the boat and went on to win the Sport Championship that year. I was 6th in 2017 NGK championship and 3rd in the 2018 NGK Championship. Had many other podium finishes.
Racing Goals : I would like to win the NGK F1 Championship.
Hobbies and Interests : Working on boats.

Jeremiah Mayo #8

Driver : Jeremiah Mayo
Age: 18
Hometown : Richmond, TX
Email : jeremiah.mayo2121@gmail.com
Facebook Link : Jeremiah Mayo
Instagram Link : Jeremiah_mayo8
Team Name : Jh Performance
Boat Class : Formula 1
Boat Number : 8
Crew Chief : Jeff Brown
Engine Builder : Michael Schubert
Boat Make: Molgard
Mercury 2.5L
Crew Members : Jeff Mayo, Amanda Morales, Jeff brown, Michael Schubert,
Nickname : Mayo
Years as a Race Driver : 9
Employer : Mayo Mulch-Sand&Gravel
What Got You Started Racing : Growing up around it and family
Sponsors : Jh Performance, Mayo-Mulch-Sand&gravel
Career Highlights : 2018 Formula lights champion
Racing Goals : advance to be the rookie of the year and be a champ
Hobbies and Interests : Hunting, fishing, and wakeboarding

Johnny Fleming #9

Driver Age: 43
Hometown: The Woodlands
Email: johnnyfleming9@yahoo.com
Website: www.flemingmanufacturing.com
Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/flemingracing9
Team Name: Fleming Racing
Boat Class: F1
Boat Number: 9
Crew Chief: James Fleming
Engine Builder: HydroTec & McCollough Racing
Crew Members: Trisha Fleming, Margo Fleming
Spouse Name: Trisha
Years Together With Spouse: 7
Years as a race driver: 25
Occupation: Regional Manager
Employer: Reece USA
Years On The Job: 17
What Got You Started Racing: My dad raced and got me started in the Youth Hydroplane Division at a young age of 11
Sponsors: Fleming Manufacturing , Nashville Marine, Dewald Props
Career Hilights: 016 SST 200 APBA National Championship 2nd place, North American Champion 2015. 2015 HOTT Series High Point Champion, 2009 APBA US Divisional Champion SST120, 1999 Lone Star Texas Champion SST120
Racing Goals: To win the 2023 F1 Powerboat Season Championship
Hobbies and Interests: Hunting, boating on the lake, and living a Healthy lifestyle

Jimmy Kerr #71

Driver Name:Jimmy Kerr
Driver Age:51
Hometown:LaPeer, MI
Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/jim.kerr.9480
Instagram Link: https://www.instagram.com/jimmyjoe1220/
Team Name: KRU Racing
Boat Class: F1
Boat Number: 71
Crew Chief: Ryan Kurtz
Engine Builder: Bill Gohr
Crew Members: Terry Kerr, Kirk Geise, Joe Phillips, Danette Tracy, Sharon Trolian
Nickname: The Pickle
Years as a race driver: 39
Occupation: General Contractor
Employer: A+ Construction
Years On The Job:25
What Got You Started Racing:My Brother and Stepdad, John Brroge
Sponsors:Hanger 24, Racyees, Ray C’s Extreme, Geitech Motorsport, RoadRunner
Career Hilights:2022 APBA F200 High Points Champion, 2022 APBA F200 North American Champion, 2022 APBA F1 National Championship Runner-up.
Racing Goals:APBA Hall of Champions & Win F1pc Series Championship
Hobbies and Interests

Tim Kraft #15

Driver Name : Tim Kraft
Age : 45
Hometown : Kankakee IL
Email : Tron.kraft@gmail.com
Facebook Link : kraftracing15
Team Name : Kraft Racing
Boat Class : F1
Boat Number : 15
Crew Chief : Gavin Kraft
Engine Builder : Chris Fairchild
Boat Make: DAC
Mercury 2.5L
Crew Members : Michelle Brouillet ,Josh Besley, Dave Kraft, David Johnigan
Nickname : KRAFTY
Spouse Name : Michelle Brouillet
Years Together With Spouse : 6
Years as a Race Driver : 9yrs took a 18yr break to race MX this time around going on 2yrs
Occupation : Lineman
Years On The Job : 24
What Got You Started Racing : going to the Kankakee river Regatta when i was 10 my dad knew some of the racers the Guimond brothers John,Larry,Terry
Sponsors : Fairchild Racing ,McCollough Racing
Career Highlights : Still Working on them
Racing Goals : this year to finish in the top 5
Hobbies and Interests : Ice Hockey & Drag Racing

Dylan Anderson #17

Driver Name : Dylan Anderson
Age : 26
Hometown : Nashville
Email : dylan@andersonmarine.com
Website : andersonmarine.com
Facebook Link : https://www.facebook.com/dylan.anderson.7311
Instagram Link : https://www.instagram.com/dylan_andersonracing/
Team Name : Anderson Marine Racing
Boat Class : F1
Boat Number : 17
Crew Chief: Patrick Hoskins
Engine Builder: Ray Anderson
Crew Members : Dillon Massia, Jonathon Ratzlaff, Joy Anderson, Lindsay Simmons
Years as a Race Driver : 5
Occupation : Marine Dealer
Employer : Anderson marine
Years On The Job : 15
What Got You Started Racing : Dad
Sponsors : Anderson Marine
Career Highlights : F1 Powerboat Championship win @ Showdown on the Sabine, Formula 200 Win in Guntersville, AL
Racing Goals : KEEP WINING!
Hobbies and Interests : Fishing, Smoking Meat!

Ashton Rinker #20

Driver Name : Ashton Rinker
Age : 37
Hometown : Siesta Key, Florida
Email : rinkerracing20@gmail.com
Facebook Link : www.facebook.com/pg/RinkerRacing20
Instagram Link : www.instagram.com/rinkerracing20/
Team Name : Rinker Racing
Boat Class : F1
Boat Number : 20
Crew Chief : James Chambers
Engine Builder : James Chambers
Boat Make: Outkast
Mercury 2.5L
Crew Members : Jamie Sullivan, Frank Force, Mark Sumpter, Lori Rinker
Years as a Race Driver : 14
Occupation : Manager at Pro Marine USA
What Got You Started Racing : My dad Terry Rinker got me into the sport
Sponsors : Rinkers Boat World, McClain Trailers, Rinker Products and Services, First Approval, Pro Marine USA
Career Highlights : 2019 NGK F1 Champion (Won every race for the 2019 NGK Series) 2018 NGK F1 Champion, 2xs F2 National Champion, 2xs F2 North American Champion, 2xs APR Super League, 2012 Rookie of the Year F2 Super League Series, 2009 Rookie of the Year SST-45 Tunnel
Racing Goals : Winning the F1 Championship
Hobbies and Interests : Fishing, Hockey, Boating,

Spencer Love #24

Driver Name :
Spencer Love
Age : 43
Hometown : Camarillo
Email : spencer@clovermasonry.com
Website : https://clovermasonry.com/wordpress/
Facebook Link : https://www.facebook.com/spencer.love.7
Team Name : CLover Racing
Boat Class : F1
Boat Number : 24
Crew Chief : Bill Rucker
Engine Builder : Power Performance
Crew Members : Troy Nelson, Jake Nelson, Richard Warren, Monica Allen, Shelby Love, Hailey Love
Nickname : Dick Love
Spouse Name : Monica
Years Together With Spouse : 5
Years as a Race Driver : 30
Occupation : Mason
Employer : Clover Construction
Years On The Job : 25
What Got You Started Racing : I like to Fast
Sponsors : Clovers Construction, My Family; emotional sponsors
Career Highlights : 2022 F1 Powerboat Season Championship
Racing Goals : WIN !
Hobbies and Interests : Racing, Going Fast

Austin Cheatham #40

Driver Name : Austin Cheatham
Age : 26
Hometown : Waller Texas
Email : austinrcheatham92@gmail.com
Team Name: Cheatham Racing
Boat Class : Formula 1
Boat Number : 40
Crew Chief : Mike Cheatham
Engine Builder : Chris Fairchild
Boat Make: Revolution
Mercury 2.5L
Sponsors :Nashville Marine
Crew Members : Mike Cheatham, Bryan nance, John Peper, Wesley Cheatham
Years as a Race Driver : 3
Occupation : Diesel mechanic
What Got You Started Racing : My great grandfather

Chris Rinker #52

Driver Name : Chris Rinker
Age : 52
Hometown : Houston TX
Email : chris@rinkersboatworld.com
Website : Rinkersboatworld.com
Facebook Link : https://www.facebook.com/buddy.rinker.9
Instagram Link : https://www.instagram.com/rinkersbw/
Team Name : Rinker Racing
Boat Class : Sport
Boat Number : 52
Crew Chief : James Chambers
Engine Builder : James Chambers and Neil Barclay
Boat Make: Moore
Mercury 2.5L
Crew Members : Matt Smith, Samantha Rinker, Jerry Rinker, Chris Barclay and Brian Roper
Spouse Name : Samantha Rinker
Years Together With Spouse : 30
Years as a Race Driver : 36
Occupation : Boat Dealer
Employer : Rinker’s Boat World
Years On The Job : For Ever
What Got You Started Racing : My Family has been racing since the 40’s
Sponsors : Rinker\’s Boat World, Roswell Marine Audio, Sylvan Boats, First Approval, Rinker Products & Services, Pro Marine USA, and McClain Trailers
Career Highlights : F1 ‘Rookie of The Year’ 2019, High Points Champion in Super Stock Tri Hull 2016, National Champion in 1986
Racing Goals : Continue the Rinker name as amazing competitors and championships
Hobbies and Interests : Hunting, Fishing, Wake Surfing, Boating, Family Time

Greg Foster #58

Driver Name : Greg ( Fearless) Foster
Age : 59
Hometown : Orange, Ca
Email : greg@cranerentalservice.com
Website : www.cranerentalservice.com
Facebook Link : jck foster motorsports
Team Name : JCK Foster Motorsports
Boat Class : F1
Boat Number : 58
Crew Chief : Al Stoker
Engine Builder : Ron Anderson
Boat Make: Hoffman
Mercury 2.5L
Boat Make: Hoffman
Mercury 2.5L
Crew Members : Lynn Wilson, Kelly Ireland, Paul Fitzgerald,Charlie Schaeffer, Jeff Hoechstenbach
Nickname : Fearless
Spouse Name : Fiance Kelly Ireland
Years Together With Spouse : 8
Years as a Race Driver : 40
Occupation : Crane Rental President
Employer : Crane Rental Service
Years On The Job : 42
What Got You Started Racing : My Dad
Sponsors : CB Technologies, JCK Foster Motorsports
Career Highlights : 2001-2002 Formula One Championship
Racing Goals : To win another Championship in the 2019 racing season.
Hobbies and Interests : Anything with a steering wheel!
Hobbies: Anything with a steering wheel… Off Road Racing, Sprint Car Racing and Mountain Biking.


Chris Fairchild #62

Driver : Chris Fairchild
Age : 49
Hometown : Paw Paw, IL
Email : chris@fairchildracing.com
Website : www.fairchildracing.com
Facebook Link : @fairchildracing
Team Name : Fairchild Racing
Boat Class : NGK F1 PC
Boat Number : 62
Crew Chief : Jim Fairchild Sr.
Engine Builder : Chris Fairchild
Boat Make: : Hoffman
Mercury 2.5L
Crew Members : Wendy Fairchild, Jim Fairchild Jr.
Spouse Name : Kristi Fairchild
Years as a Race Driver : 25
What Got You Started Racing : My Dad
Sponsors : Mercury Racing, DeWald Props, Sunoco Race Fuel, WETSU Group, Lottery.com, Champions Park, B2B Motorsports
Career Highlights : Currently racing for Mercury Marine, his impressive racing resume includes 2-time APBA Hall of Champions Inductee, 2-time winner of the 24 Heure Motonautiques de Rouen in France, numerous World, National, Divisional, Regional and Series Championships.

Jude Gaspard #70

Driver Name : Jude Gaspard
Age : 50
Hometown : Conroe, Texas
Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/jude.gaspard.73
Team Name: Gaspard Brothers Racing
Boat Class : F1
Boat Number : 70
Crew Chief: John Long
Engine Builder: Roberto Soto
Crew Members: Jack Fake, Charlie Donaldson, Mark Landry, Ryan Gaspard, Chad Gaspard
Nickname: \”Rude\” Jude Gaspard
Years as a Race Driver *Required: 5
What Got You Started Racing: \”Racing\” Tracy Hawkings
Sponsors: Chad Gaspard Designs, Sargant Marine, Outboard Performace Services
Career Highlights: 2022 Battle on the San Jacinto Podium Finish. Multiple Heat Race Wins
Racing Goals: 2023 Top 5 Championship Finish
Hobbies and Interests: Winning Races

Mike Quindazzi #77

Driver Name : Mike Quindazzi
Age : 57
Hometown : Sarasota, Florida
Email : mquindazzi@hotmail.com
Website : https://www.facebook.com/groups/530865920612554
Facebook Link : https://www.facebook.com/groups/530865920612554
Team Name: Buckshot Racing #77
Boat Class : F1
Boat Number : 77
Crew Chief : Dave Bolton
Engine Builder : Mike Hill
Spouse Name: Emma Quindazzi
Years Together With Spouse : 16
Years as a Race Driver : 3
Sponsors : Hill Marine Propellers, home of the Buckshot Cleaver


Driver Name : Mike Makus
Age : 34
Hometown : Oshkosh Wisconsin
Email : michael.makus85@gmail.com
Facebook Link : www.facebook.com/MakusRacing/
Team Name : Makus Racing
Boat Class : F1
Boat Number : 85
Crew Chief : Taking Application
Engine Builder : Fairchild Racing
Boat Make: Pugh
Mercury 2.5L
Crew Members : Steph Makus Radio/Spotter
Spouse Name : Chelsie Makus
Years Together With Spouse : 6
Years as a Race Driver : 2
Occupation : Engineer
Employer : Marine Engine Manufacture
Years On The Job : 4
What Got You Started Racing : My Dad got me into Go Kart racing when I was a Kid
Sponsors : Quicksilver EZ Loader Trailers
Career Highlights : Leading laps in a heat race at the 3 Rivers Regatta
Racing Goals : Lead the Last lap of the race
Hobbies and Interests : Any kind of racing.

RJ West #93

Driver Name : RJ West
Age: 43
Hometown: Manteca, ca
Email: rj.compositecraft@gmail.com
Facebook Link: Composite Craft, Robert West
Team Name: Chuck Skelton Racing
Boat Class: F1
Boat Number: 93
Crew Chief: Chuck Skelton
Engine Builder: Mercury
Boat Make: Composite Craft
Mercury Apex 200
Crew Members: Tim King, Dean Wilson, Jason Turner
Spouse Name: Jenifer West
Years Together With Spouse: 13
Years as a Race Driver: 35
Occupation: Composite fabricator
Employer: Composite Craft
Years On The Job: 9
What Got You Started Racing: Family sponsored race boats then started racing themselves in 1979
Sponsors: Oil twins
Career Highlights: 13 national championships, 15 national high point championships, 4 time hall of champion inductee, 6 world speed records
Racing Goals: Have fun, learn, and try to pass the person in front of me
Hobbies and InterestsSnowboarding, baseball

Rusty Wyatt #94

Driver Name : Rusty Wyatt

Age : 28
Hometown: Innisfil, Ontario
Facebook Link: Facebook
Instagram Link: Instagram
Team Name: Crystal Clear/Rusty Wyatt Racing
Boat Class: F1
Boat Number: 94
Crew Chief: Mack Jones
Engine Builder: PTR Engines
Crew Members: Mark Major, Ray Wyatt, Steve Hauler, Jeff Edwards
Nickname: Jake Gyllenhaal
Years as a Race Driver : 7
Occupation: Elevator Tech, Expert Piano Movers
Employer: Elevator One
Years On The Job: 7
What Got You Started Racing: Dad, Randy Wyatt
Sponsors: Crystal Clear Heated Wiper Blades
Career Highlights: Winning the Lake Havusu Classic
Racing Goals: WIN
Hobbies and Interests: Pleasure Boating, Wakeboarding, Golf, Hockey, Snowmobiling

Travis Yates #99

Driver Name : Travis Yates
Age : 33
Hometown : Richmond, Texas
Email : travisjamesyates@gmail.com
Team Name : Yates Racing
Boat Class : Formula One
Boat Number : 99
Crew Chief : Mike Schubert
Engine Builder : Mike Schubert
Boat Make: DAC
Mercury Apex 200
Crew Members : Chris Marlo, Devyn Brown
Spouse Name : Amanda Yates
Years Together With Spouse : 6
Years as a Race Driver : 6
Occupation : Business owner – Electrical Contractor
Employer : Self
Years On The Job : 8
What Got You Started Racing : Ruben Staford let me drive a spare boat in Highlands and been racing ever since
Sponsors : Snap-on, JH Performance Boats, Yates Electrical Services
Career Highlights : Trihull runner up 2017, Formula 1 runner up rookie of the year 2018
Racing Goals : To podium in 2019 season
Hobbies and Interests : Fishing, hunting, anything on the water

Jake Alkema #47

Driver Name : Jake alkema
Age : 29
Hometown : Commerce township mi
Email : jalk91@comcast.net
Facebook Link : https://www.facebook.com/jakealkemaracing?mibextid=LQQJ4d
Team Name : Team Racecraft
Boat Class : F1/f200
Boat Number : 47
Crew Chief : Bj Netschke
Engine Builder : Adam low
Crew Members : Robert Trolian, Marla Kee, PJ Kee, Sam cote
Years as a Race Driver : 17
Occupation : Mechanic
Employer : Americas most wanted 4×4
Years On The Job : 3
What Got You Started Racing : My dads friend back in 2006
Sponsors : S&j asphalt and paving
Racing Goals : Hall of champions

Bobby Briggs #41

Driver Name: Bobby Briggs
Driver Age:66
Hometown: Toledo, OH
Email: bobbybriggs41@outlook.com
Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/buschcracklin
Team Name: Busch Cracklin Racing
Boat Class: F1
Boat Number: 41
Crew Chief: Ryan Kurtz
Engine Builder: Gohr Performance
Crew Members:Tracy Kurtz, Joe Phillips, Scott Phillips, Logan Phillips, Lily Phillips, Tyler Zoltanski, Dan Pollzzie, Kurt Geise, Trevor Sawyer
Nickname: “Bumpin” Bobby Briggs
Years as a race driver: 7
Occupation: Jack of All Trades Master of None!
Employer: Briggs Construction
Years On The Job: 40
What Got You Started Racing: Dave White brought an F1 to the sailing club in Toledo
Sponsors: Erie Marine Supply, GeiTech, Preston Homes,
Career Hilights: 2005 Champboat Series SST-120 Rookie of the Year, 2022 Powerboat Nationals Formula 2 Rookie of Year
Racing Goals: Top 5 or better finish, and running with Teammate Juimmy Kerr All Season
Hobbies and Interests: Pleasure Boating, Fishing,

Jessee Swain #74

Age : 39
Hometown : Syracuse, IN
Email : jesse@swainbrothersmarine.com
Team Name: Corl Crew
Boat Class : F1
Boat Number : 74
Crew Chief: Andy Anderson
Crew Members : Team Red
Years as a Race Driver : 29
Occupation : Marine Technician
Employer : Swain Brothers Marine
Years On The Job : 20
What Got You Started Racing : Family Tradition
Sponsors : Team Red
Career Highlights : Racing GoalsPodium on the F1 Powerboat Championship in ’23!

Whittney Terry Fletcher #9

Driver Name:Whitney Terry Fletcher
Driver Age:35
Facebook Link:facebook.com/Craftsmaam
Instagram Link:instagram.com/craftsmaam
Team Name:Crafsmaam Racing
Boat Class:F1
Boat Number:09
Crew Chief:Daniel Fletcher
Engine Builder:Daniel Fletcher
Crew Members:Cameron Fletcher, Lily Fletcher, Samuel Fletcher
Spouse Name:Daniel
Years Together With Spouse:12
Years as a race driver:11
Years On The Job:5
What Got You Started Racing:MY Dad &amp; My Brother
Sponsors: Craftsmaam, Ameristar Roofing, Vinyl Adventures
Career Hilights: 2009 ABPA National Champion
Racing Goals: I want to Kick Ass F1
Hobbies and Interests: Cheer Coach, Baseball Coach, Sports with the kiddo

Terry Rinker #10

Age: 60
Hometown : Riverview, FL
Team Name: Phase 3 Performance
Boat Class : Formula 1
Boat Number : 10
Crew Chief: Brendan Power
Engine Builder: Brendan Power
Crew Members: Jamie Sullivan, Frank Force, Tyler Percy
Years as a Race Driver : 40+
Occupation: Machine Shop Owner / Machinist
Employer: Rinker Machinery
Years On The Job: 39
What Got You Started Racing: Father / Family
Career Highlights: 2007 F1 Series Sweep, 10 Formula 1 Series Championships, 18 APBA OPC National Championships
Racing Goals: Win Every Time we race!!

Kyle Maskall #91

Age : 26
Hometown : Chilliwack, BC Canada
Instagram Link: Kyle_Maskall
Team Name: Maskalls Collision & Glass/ HNR Racing
Boat Class: Formula one
Boat Number: 91
Crew Chief: Mike Maskall
Engine Builder: Ron Anderson/ Mike Nass
Crew Members: Mike Maskall, Mike Nass, Meghan Maskall, Judy Vogt, Kay Maskall
Nickname: Mike
Years as a Race Driver: 5
Occupation: Automotive Glass tech/ shop manager @ Maskalls Collision & Glass
Employer: Mike Maskall
Years On The Job: 9
What Got You Started Racing: My dad, I travelled to the races with him as akid. Was kind of a no brainer when he asked if I wanted to drive 😎
Sponsors: Maskalls collision & Glass, Haulin Nass Racing
Career Highlights: Beating my dad in some local Washington races
Racing Goals: Winning is always the goal! But mainly do my best and see where that puts me
Hobbies and Interests: Canadian Pro Motocross

Shawn Love

Driver Name: Shawn Love
Driver Age: 38
Hometown: Moorpark, CA
Email: shawntlove@gmail.com
Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/shawn.love.319
Instagram Link: https://www.instagram.com/shawntlove/
Team Name: Clover Racing
Boat Class: F1
Boat Number: 12
Crew Chief: Troy Nelson
Engine Builder: Mercury High Performance
Crew Members: Troy Nelson, Jake Nelson, Richard Warren, Rick Love
Nickname: White Mamba
Spouse Name: Years Together With Spouce
Years as a race driver: 13
Occupation: Chief Financial Officer
Employer: Clover Construction
Years On The Job: 15
What Got You Started Racing: Started racing with my brother and some other family members when I was a kid, my brother got back in a few years ago and I am joining him again this year.
Sponsors: Clover Construction
Career Hilights: 2003 Western Formula Lights Champion, APBA Hall of Champions 1996 – J hydro
Racing Goals: Have a competitive Rookie season and work to get myself up into the middle of the pack by season end.
Hobbies and Interests: Founder of Ventura County Rugby Club

Cody Nass

Driver Name: Cody Nass
Driver Age: 27
Hometown: Vancouver BC, Canada
Email: Codynass95@hotmail.com
Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/cody.nass
Instagram Link: https://www.instagram.com/codynass95/
Team Name: Haulin Nass RaceBoats/Maskall Collision
Boat Class: F1
Boat Number: 95
Crew Chief: Mike Nass/Mike Maskall
Engine Builder: Mike Nass
Crew Members: Mike Nass, Sandra Nass, Mike Maskall, Judy Vogt, Kyle Maskall, Tyler Cousins, Mika, Daniella Miotto, Matt Keith, Delaine Ballance, Connor Davidson, lyllia Smith, Brody Coombs, Brook Butler,
Nickname: NASSTY
Spouse Name: Single
Years Together With Spouce
Years as a race driver:2
Occupation: Machine Operator
Employer: Crown Packaging
Years On The Job: 10
What Got You Started Racing: My Dad, he has raced boats forever…
Sponsors: Haulin Nass RaceBoats, Maskall Collision, Chris Carson Reeds, Canadian Fuel Injection Service, Sandra Nass
Career Hilights: APBA 2022 Region 10 Formula 150 Champion with an overall finish 4th Nationally. First ever, First place finish in Lake Chelan 2022
Racing Goals: Beat my Dad (Mike Nass) and compete with the best drivers in the world
Hobbies and Interests: Hockey, Lacrosse, resin tables, Wakeboarding/wake surfing

Dean Comer

Driver Age: 48
Hometown: Monrovia Ca
Email: yesdean@msn.com
Instagram Link: Itsadeanslife
Team Name: Skelton racing
Boat Class: F1
Boat Number: 92
Crew Chief: Chuck Skelton
Engine Builder: Mercury racing
Crew Members: Chuck Skelton, Angie Jolly, RJ West, Jason and Trisha Turner, Craig Sheid, Sean Comer, Tim King
Spouse Name: Angie Jolly
Years Together With Spouse: Feels like only yesterday
Years as a race driver: 20 years
Occupation: Firefighter/Paramedic
Employer: Los Angeles Fire Dept.
Years On The Job: 23
What Got You Started Racing: I have been crewing for my uncle Chuck Skelton for 38 years.
Sponsors: Casa de Comer Smokin’ Good Salsa.
Career Hilights: To be determined
Racing Goals: To learn and improve every turn every lap every race.
Hobbies and Interests: Power boat racing, water skiing, off roading, boat life

Randy Partch

Driver Age: 47
Hometown: Port Charlotte, FL
Email: LiquidRevolutions@gmail.com
Website : https://www.LiquidRevolutions.com
Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/LiquidRevolutions/
Instagram Link: https://www.instagram.com/liquidrevolutions/
Team Name: Liquid Revolutions Racing
Boat Class: Formula Lights / F-Lights / SST-45
Boat Number: 66
Crew Chief: Ted Partch
Crew Members: Ted Partch, Dave “Gonzo” Gonzales, Britney Cox
Spouse Name: Britney Cox
Years Together With Spouse: 4
Years as a race driver: 2
Occupation: Adventure Travel
Employer: Self
What Got You Started Racing: Saw my first race in Windsor, CO and knew I had to do it.
Sponsors: Outdoor Frenzy Adventures &amp; WeinerWraps.com
Career Hilights: 2022 – 3rd Place finish in Powerboat National Series
Racing Goals: Continue to learn and hone my skills as a driver
Hobbies and Interests: Boat Racing, Scuba Diving, International Travel, Smoking/BBQing,

Gildermaster Marshall

Driver Age: 69
Hometown: Spring Branch, TX
Email: gildermasterm@gmail.com
Team Name: Mars Rcn
Boat Class::SST45
Boat Number: 78
Crew Members: Tom and TylenLangeland, Jumior
Nickname: Mars
Spouse Name: Suzanne
Years Together With Spouse: 35
Years as a race driver: 10
Occupation: Retired Airline Pilot
Employer: Southwest Airlines
Years On The Job: 26
What Got You Started Racing: Building Hydroplane and sriver school
Sponsors: Concorde Aircraft Batteries
Career Hilights: East Coast Inboard Challenge Winner 2018
Racing Goals: Win a SST 45 Race
Hobbies and Interests: Flying Tunnel Boat and Inboard hydroplanes

Andrew Tate #14

Driver Name: Andrew Tate
Driver Age: 33
Hometown: Canton, MI
Email: andrewtate22@gmail.com
Website: www.andrewtateracing.com
Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/AndrewTateRacing
Instagram Link: https://www.instagram.com/andrewtate101/
Team Name: Fenom Ventures
Boat Class: F1
Boat Number: 14
Crew Chief: Dylan Runne
Crew Members: Donny, Allen, James Sobol, Max Acierno, John Wlodarksi III, James Geblein, Mike Geblein
Years as a race driver: 22
Employer: Sun Coating Company
Years On The Job: 16
What Got You Started Racing: Family
Sponsors: Dewald Propellers, Fenom Ventures, Sun Coating Company, Max’s Mobile Marine, Big Mike’s House of Sweets, Angela Allen
Career Hilights: Three-time 2nd place finisher at the Stock Outboard Nationals in C-Stock Hydro
Racing Goals: Make Racing Great Again
Hobbies and Interests: Hockey

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