Formula Light Drivers

Travis Thompson #2

Driver Name : Travis Thompson
Age : 31
Hometown : Humble, Tx
Email :
Website :
Instagram Link :
Team Name : BadWineReviews Racing
Boat Class : Formula Lights
Boat Number : 2
Crew Chief : Davey Thompson
Engine Builder : Davey Thompson
Crew Members : Mark Adams, Tyler Thompson, Taylor Langston
Years as a Race Driver : 11
Occupation : Account Manager
Employer : Emerson
Years On The Job : 2
What Got You Started Racing : My dad took me to a race in 2001 in Baytown, Tx and I got hooked on the speed and sound. I got a ride in the two seater in 2004 and got hooked on the G forces.
Sponsors :
Career Highlights : Numerous podium finishes and local race wins.
Racing Goals : Win a major series race.

Grant Schubert #13

Driver Name : Grant Schubert
Age : 15
Hometown : Richmond, Texas
Team Name : J.H. Performance Boats
Boat Class : F-Lights
Boat Number : 13
Years as a Race Driver : 6
Sponsors : J.H. Performance Boats
Racing Goals : To win at least 1 major race in 2019 and finish in the Top 3 for the Series
Hobbies and Interests : I am a freshmen and play baseball for the Foster High School J.V. Team as pitcher, 2nd base and short stop.

Chris Hughes #17

Driver Name : Chris Hughes
Age : 43
Hometown : Santa Fe TX
Email :
Facebook Link :
Team Name : Makin’ Waves Racing
Boat Class : SST 45 Formula Lights
Boat Number : #17
Crew Chief : David Johnigan
Engine Builder : Hal Brooms Only The Best
Crew Members : Tim Kraft Gavin Kraft
Nickname : Chris
Spouse Name : Julie Vaughn
Years Together With Spouse : 6
Years as a Race Driver : 8
Occupation : Outboard Mechanic
Employer : Suncoast Marine Works
Years On The Job : 7
What Got You Started Racing : The Love of Boats and Competition
Sponsors : Suncoast Marine Works. JJJ Firearms
Career Highlights : Keep’n My Opinions Mine.
Racing Goals : WIN WIN WIN and Win Some More
Hobbies and Interests : Tunnel Boat Racing, Duck Hunting, Deer Hunting Tarpon Fish’n

J.W. Nelson #18

Driver Name: J.W. Nelson
Driver Age: 37
Hometown: Live in Atlanta,, GA but I’m from Syracuse, NY
Facebook Link:
Instagram Link :
Team Name: Screamin’ Eagles
Boat Class: Formula Lights – SST45
Boat Number: 18
Crew Chief: Tom Wein
Engine Builder: Mark Schmerbauch
Crew Members: Tom Wein, Daryl Balcom, Gary Pugh, Chad Lee, Rob Dinic’, Randy Spitler, Derek Smith, Lisa Balcom, Farmer B, Bill Hesson, Fred “Grandpa” Nelson, Wyatt Nelson Racing
Nickname : J Dubb
Years as a race driver: 22
Occupation: CPA – Public Accountant
Employer: Frazier Deeter, LLC
Years On The Job: 16
What Got You Started Racing: My father, Wyatt Nelson; grandfather, Fred Nelson and Bill Hesson; I’m a 3rd generation boat racer
Sponsors : Frazier Deeter, LLC (Jason Nelson, Partnet); Wyatt H. Nelson Architecture; Dewald Propellers; Pugh Boat Works; Interskate 88
Career Hilights: 2018 Powerboat Nationals Series Champions; 2018 North American Champions; 2009 World Champions; 2008 Algonac Chris Craft Regatta Champions
Racing Goals: Win more championships and series championships
Hobbies and Interests: Basketball and Golf

Jared Wallach #18

Crew Chief : Jonathan Culley
Driver Name : Jared Wallach
Driver Age: 25
Hometown: Redondo Beach, CA
Facebook Link:
Team Name: Clover Construction
Boat Class: SST-45
Boat Number: 24
Crew Chief: Jake Nelson
Engine Builder: Love Power
Crew Members: Jake Nelson, Rich Warren & Jose Antonio Aguilar Gonzalez
Years as a race driver: 16
Occupation: Commercial Real Estate
Employer: Marcus & Millichap
Years On The Job: 3
What Got You Started Racing: Father got me a J Hydro at 9 years old
Sponsors: Clover Construction
Career Hilights: 1st Place Gulfport 2018, 3rd Place Port Neches 2022 & WFLS Rookie of the Year
Racing Goals: Go fast & turn left
Hobbies and Interests: Surfing & Drumming in the band “Bribes”

Jose Mendana Jr. #21

Driver Name : Jose Mendana Jr
Age : 37
Hometown : Lutz, FL
Email :
Website :
Facebook Link : MendanaRacing
Team Name : Mendana Enterprises
Boat Class : Formula Lights, Formula One
Boat Number : 27
Crew Chief : Jose Mendana Sr
Engine Builder : Mike Lee
Crew Members : Kevin Pasch, Steve Lee, Mike Lee, Jose Mendana Sr, Scott Toole, Tim Toole, Kevin Keith, Joy Keith
Nickname : Miami Madman
Spouse Name : Lesma Baez
Years as a Race Driver : 20
Occupation : CPA
Employer : Pepin Distributing Company
Years On The Job : 6
What Got You Started Racing : 4th Generation
Sponsors : Mike Scott Plumbing, Mendana Enterprises
Career Highlights : 2006, 07, 08 F lights World Champion, 2007,08,10 F Lights National Champion, 2008 F2 Rookie of the Year, 2010 F1 Rookie of the Year, 3 Hall of Champion Inductions

Steve Lee #25

Driver Name : Steve Lee
Age : 47
Hometown : Ocala, FL
Email :
Facebook Link : Lee-Motorsports
Team Name : Lee Motorsports
Boat Class : Formula Lights
Boat Number : 26
Crew Chief : Mike Lee
Engine Builder : Mike Lee
Crew Members : Mike Lee, Jose Mendana Sr, Kevin Pasch, Tim Toole, Scott Toole
Years as a Race Driver : 10
Occupation : CPA
What Got You Started Racing : My father and grandfather
Sponsors : HoleShot Powersports, Mike Scott Plumbing, Nut House Yacht Club
Career Highlights : F1: 2012 Bay City River Roar 5th, Seattle Seafair 4th. Formula Lights: 2016 – 1st at Bay City, Orange, TX. 2nd at Pt Neches and Pittsburgh, 4th at Laporte, IN. 2017: 1st AT Springfield, 2nd at Gulfport, FL

Carlos Mendana #27

Driver Name : Carlos Mendana
Age : 28
Hometown : Miami, FL
Email :
Website :
Facebook Link : MendanaRacing
Team Name : Mendana Enterprises
Boat Class : Formula Lights
Boat Number : 27
Crew Chief : Jose Mendana Sr
Engine Builder : Mike Lee
Crew Members : Jose Mendana Sr., Tim Toole, Scott Toole, Kevin Pasch, Jose Mendana Jr, John Giacoletti, Steve Lee, Mike Lee
Nickname : Carlito
Years as a Race Driver : 8
Occupation : Marine Electronics Technician
Employer : Hartman Yachts
Years On The Job : 3
What Got You Started Racing : 4th generation racing family
Sponsors : Nut House Yacht Club, Bay Composites, Mike Scott Plumbing, Green Tree Media, Hondros Education
Career Highlights : 2012 Formula Lights Bay City winner, 2013 Formula 1 Rookie of the Year, 2013 3rd place finish Formula 1 @laPorte, IN
Racing Goals : Hall of Champions

Mark Schmerbauch #35

Driver Name : Mark Schmerbauch
Driver Age: 65
Hometown: Greenfield WI
Facebook Link: Schmerbauch
Team Name: BB Racing
Boat Class: Formula Lights (SST 45)
Boat Number: 35
Crew Chief: Brandon Bobalik
Engine Builder: Myself and Ron Thomas
Crew Members: Rick Bobalik, Jay Brandon Bobalik, Jay Carothers, Roger Bobalik, Marie Bobalik and Paula Carothers
Nickname: Schmer
Spouse Name: Mary
Years Together With Spouse: 43
Years as a race driver: 45
Occupation: Supervisor/Semi Retired
Employer: Years On The Job
What Got You Started Racing: Leaving near a lake when growing up. Like competing against other teams.
Sponsors: Pizza Inn (Port Neches TX), Jerry’s Marine (Lake Charles LA), and Ron Thomas (The Foot Doctor Milwaukee WI).
Career Hilights: 5x Hall of Champion inductee, 5x UIM World Champion, 9x National Champion and 4x F1 Powerboat Championship Series Champion
Racing Goals: To keep all my sponsors and team satisfied with our results.
Hobbies and Interests: Weight Training, Collecting Post War Lionel Trains, and researching all motorsport racing concepts.

Kelly Ireland #01

Team Name: JCK Foster Racing
Boat Class: F Light
Boat# : 53
Crew Chief: Freddie Brennan
Crew Members: Greg Foster, Lynn Wilson and Al Stoker

Steve Merleau #66

Driver Name : Steve Merleau
Age : 37
Hometown : Bellevue MI
Email :
Facebook Link : MerleauRace
Team Name : Merleau Racing
Boat Class : Formula Lights
Boat Number : 66
Crew Chief : Jim Merleau
Engine Builder : Jim Merleau
Crew Members : Sarah Fisher
Nickname : Magic Man
Spouse Name : Sarah Fisher
Years Together With Spouse : 4
Years as a Race Driver : 9 years
Occupation : Special ED teacher
Employer : Self Employed
Years On The Job : 6
What Got You Started Racing : Fairchild Racing
Sponsors : Fennville Marine, Port Neches Towing, Journey Employment Solutions, Nashville Marine
Career Highlights : Multiple 1st place finishes and podiums.
Racing Goals : To win every race
Hobbies and Interests : Hunting, fishing and camping

Dan Trosen #77

Driver Name : Dan Trosen Jr
Age : 41
Hometown : Trenton, Michigan
Email :
Team Name : SevenDseven racing
Boat Class : Formula lights
Boat Number : 77
Crew Chief : Darcy Trosen
Engine Builder : Dave Hoggard
Years as a Race Driver : 5 years in tunnel boats/ 23 years racing stock cars
Occupation : Mechanic
Employer : Moran Buick GMC
Sponsors : DeBackers Lawn Care/Moran Buick GMC

Adam Low #80

Driver Name: Adam Low
Team Name: Chicken Sandwich rRacing
Boat Class: Formula Lights
Boat# 80
Crew Chief: Chris mMills
Engine Builder: Tom Low
Age: 25
Hometown: Galesburg
Crew Members: Chelsea Low, Tom Low, Chris mills, Ben barker
Spouse Name: Chelsea Low
Years as a race driver: 9
Occupation: Rigger
Employer: Boat customs
Years on the job: 1
Who got you started racing? My dad
Sponsors: RBK fFasteners, Boats cCustoms,
What made you want to race? Father raced for years
Career Highlights: National high point.
Racing Goals: Rookie of the year in sst45
Hobbies and Interest: Boats, racing, motors.

Eric Wienczak #83

Driver Name : Eric Wienczak
Driver Age: 31
Hometown: Highland , Michigan
Website: Facebook Link
Team Name: Wienczak racing
Boat Class: Sst45
Boat Number: 83
Crew Chief: David wienczak
Engine Builder: Adam Low
Crew Members: Dustin Pearson, Sara Meloche
Years as a race driver: 7
Occupation: HVAC Technician
Years On The Job: 3
What Got You Started Racing: My father raced in the 70s and I grew up watching my uncle race stock outboard
Sponsors: Sleepy eyed goose resort
Career Hilights: Getting my first career pole position in new martinsville
Racing Goals: Be a contender at every race , win a national championship
Hobbies and Interests: Fishing , golfing and video games


Driver Name : Jason Bonanno
Age : 45
Hometown : Flat Rock, MI
Email :
Team Name : Paisan Racing
Boat Class : 45-SST (F- Light)
Boat Number : 97
Crew Chief : Robert Trolian
Engine Builder : Evinrude
Crew Members : Robert Trolian, Adrianna Bonanno, Alyssa Bonanno
Nickname : The Cornoner
Spouse Name : Sandra
Years Together With Spouse : 26
Years as a Race Driver : 6 in Stock Outboard / Rookie Season in F-Light
Occupation : Vice President, Sales Injection Molding North America
Employer : Milacron
Years On The Job : 5
Sponsors : Accuplast Solutions
Career Highlights : Winning Stock Outboard Rookie Of The Year In 2013
Racing Goals : To have a successful rookie season in the F-Light Class

Riley Teague #97

Driver Name : Riley Teague
Age : 15
Hometown : Needville
Email :
Boat Class : Formula Lights
Boat Number : 97
Crew Chief : Kevin Teague
Years as a Race Driver : 3
What Got You Started Racing : Dad raced Trihulls
Sponsors : Sport Marine
Hobbies and Interests : Anything with an engine.

Jimmy Robb Jr. #31

Driver Name : Jimmy Robb
Age : 32
Hometown : Waterford
Email :
Team Name : Parker Robb Spencer Racing
Boat Class : Sst45
Boat Number : 31
Crew Chief : Larry Spencer
Engine Builder : Larry Spencer
Crew Members : Tracy Spencer, Jim Robb, Jason Mcbain
Nickname : T-bone,Elroy
Years as a Race Driver : 19
Occupation : Service
Employer : Moran automotive
Years On The Job : 6
What Got You Started Racing : My Dad and Grandpa Robb got me into boat racing when I was 13 years old racing J hydro. I’m a 3rd generation boat racer.
Career Highlights : 2009 National champion in 750 modified hydroplane, high point champion 850 modified hydroplane, North American champion in 850 modified hydroplane, Divisional champion in 850 modified hydroplane. 2014 World championship in sst45

James Klein #41

Driver Name : James Klein
Age : 22
Hometown : Davisburg
Email :
Facebook Link
Instagram Link :
Team Name : Half Fast Racing
Boat Class : 45
Boat Number : 41
Crew Chief : Lawrence Klein
Engine Builder : James Klein
Crew Members : Jessica Parsons, Andrew Luchenbach, Ethan Fenton, Brad Hyduk
Years as a Race Driver : 13
Occupation : Student
Employer : Michigan Tech University
What Got You Started Racing : in the family
Sponsors : Crane Technologies
Hobbies and Interests : Backpacking, Gaming, Skiing

Correy Merrill #82

Randy Partch #66

Driver Age: 47
Hometown: Pt Charlotte, FL
Facebook Link:
Instagram Link:
Team Name: Liquid Revolutions
Boat Class: SST45 / Formula Lights
Boat Number: 66
Crew Chief: Ted Partch
Crew Members: Ted Partch, Dave “Gonzo” Gonzales, Britney Cox
Spouse Name: Britney Cox
Years Together With Spouse: 4
Years as a race driver: 2
Employer: Self
What Got You Started Racing: Saw my first race in Windsor, CO and knew I wanted to do it
Sponsors: Outdoor Frenzy Adventures,
Career Hilights: 3rd Place in Powerboat National Series in 2022
Racing Goals: Continue Learning and improve my skills as a driver
Hobbies and Interests: Racing, Boating, Scuba Diving, International Travel, Motocross

Rickey Sober #67

Tyler Petersen

Driver Name: Tyler Petersen
Driver Age: 24
Hometown: Stacy, MN
Team Name: Petersen & Peterson Racing
Boat Class: Formula Light
Boat Number: 14
Crew Chief: Aaron Wachholz
Engine Builder: Tyler Petersen
Crew Members: Aaron Wachholz, Todd Peterson, Emma Wachholz
Years as a race driver: 7
Occupation: Boat Repair
Employer: X-Treme Paint Auto Body &Marine
What Got You Started Racing: Our local club in Minnesota
Sponsors: Latitude Dispensary, Wescon, X-Treme Paint
Career Hilights : 1st Place at 2022 Lake Havasu Classic, 3rd Place in total points for 2022
Hobbies and Interests: Pleasure boating, snowmobiling, fishing

Hans McCauley #42

Driver Age: 31
Hometown: Vienna, Austria
Team Name: McCauley and son racing
Boat Class: Sst 45
Boat Number: 42
Crew Chief: John calley
Engine Builder: Joe mccauley
Years as a race driver: 10
Occupation: Simulation Engineer
What Got You Started Racing: Im the third generation of boat racers from our family
Career Hilights: 2 third places
Racing Goals: Stay upright

Gildermaster Marshall #78

Driver Age: 69
Hometown: Spring Branch, TX
Team Name: Mars Rcn
Boat Class: SST45
Boat Number: 78
Crew Members: Tom and TylenLangeland, Jumior
Nickname: Mars
Spouse Name: Suzanne
Years Together With Spouce: 35
Years as a race driver: 10
Occupation: Retired Airline Pilot
Employer: Southwest Airlines
Years On The Job: 26
What Got You Started Racing: Building Hydroplane and sriver school
Sponsors: Concorde Aircraft Batteries
Career Hilights: East Coast Inboard Challenge Winner 2018
Racing Goals: Win a SST 45 Race
Hobbies and Interests: Flying Tunnel Boat and Inboard hydroplanes