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About CDI Electronics

For more than 30 years, CDI Electronics has provided value and lowest cost-of-ownership to the marine and motorsport industry. Our commitment is to provide superior ignition and diagnostic solutions to engine users and manufacturers throughout the world. We also believe it is our duty to educate and train industry technicians to diagnose and install ignition products. Our products are designed and manufactured in Huntsville, Alabama.

Our Vision

To be the worldwide leader in electronic ignition components and diagnostics by providing value to our customers through superior design, product quality, reliability, delivery, service and support.

Company History

CDI was founded in 1982 as Rapair Incorporated. Rapair was initially engaged in providing repair services for outboard ignitions. Working first out of a rented garage in Madison, Alabama, demand for Rapair’s services grew rapidly. In 1995, the company began to design, develop and manufacture their own line of replacement ignition components under the brand name of CDI Electronics. Rapair had learned nearly everything that could go wrong with an electronic ignition, and they incorporated that knowledge into their improved designs. As a result, CDI Ignitions quickly earned a reputation as a reliable, cost effective alternative for OEM-supplied components. Rapair’s founders retired and sold the business to new partners in March 2007. The business name was changed to CDI Electronics Inc. to improve brand recognition. CDI’s new owners brought professional management expertise and years of marine industry experience to improve CDI’s operating performance and worldwide distribution network.  The journey consummated in 2014 when CDI achieved ISO 9001 Certification and also acquired Balmar to expand its reach to inboard DC charging systems.


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