Travis Yates F1 #99

Travis Yates
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Travis Yates #99

Driver Name : Travis Yates
Age : 33
Hometown : Richmond, Texas
Email :
Team Name : Yates Racing
Boat Class : Formula One
Boat Number : 99
Crew Chief : Mike Schubert
Engine Builder : Mike Schubert
Boat Make: DAC
 Mercury Apex 200
Crew Members : Chris Marlo, Devyn Brown
Spouse Name : Amanda Yates
Years Together With Spouse : 6
Years as a Race Driver : 6
Occupation : Business owner – Electrical Contractor
Employer : Self
Years On The Job : 8
What Got You Started Racing : Ruben Staford let me drive a spare boat in Highlands and been racing ever since
Sponsors : Snap-on, JH Performance Boats, Yates Electrical Services
Career Highlights : Trihull runner up 2017, Formula 1 runner up rookie of the year 2018
Racing Goals : To podium in 2019 season
Hobbies and Interests : Fishing, hunting, anything on the water

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Cole Wehring “Mullet” #69

Driver Name : Cole Wehring
Nickname: Mullet
Age : 32
Hometown : Rosenberg, Texas
Team Name : Outlaw F1
Boat Class : Tri-Hull
Boat Number : 69
Crew Chief :
Engine Builder : Mercury
Boat Make: 

Crew Members :
Years as a Race Driver : 1
Occupation : Self Employed
Employer : WDI Services LLC
Years On The Job : 6
What Got You Started Racing : Grant Schubert
Sponsors :
Career Highlights : Rookie of the Year; 3rd Place Overall Rookie Year
Racing Goals : To progress as a driver and win a championship
Hobbies and Interests : 3 Wheelers, Dirt Bikes, Hot Rods
randy partch

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Randy Partch


Driver Name : Randy Partch
Age : 48
Hometown : Port Charlotte, FL
Team Name : Liquid Revolutions Racing
Boat Class : SST45 / Formula Lights
Boat Number : 66
Crew Chief : Ted Partch
Engine Builder : Self
Crew Members : Ted Partch, Dave “Gonzo” Gonzales, Richard Dyess, Tommy Green, Britney Cox
Spouse Name : Britney Cox
Years as a Race Driver : 3
Employer : Self
What Got You Started Racing : “Saw my first race in Windsor, CO and knew I wanted to do it”
Sponsors : Antigravity Batteries (, GEN-Y Hitch (, The Fallen Outdoors (, WeinerWraps (
Career Highlights : 3rd Place in APBA points in 2023
Racing Goals : Continue learning and improving my skills as a driver, boat and engine builder
Hobbies and Interests : Racing, Boating, Scuba Diving, International Travel, Motocross, BBQ/Smoking
aaron green

aaron green
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Aaroon Green
Aaron Green

Aaron Green #63

Driver Name : Aaron Green
Age : 45
Hometown : Ector, Texas
Email :
Team Name : Green Marine Motorsports
Boat Class : Tri-Hull
Boat Number : 63
Spouse Name : Holly Green
Years Together With Spouse : 22
Years as a Race Driver : 2
Occupation : Fire Station Captain / Paramedic
Employer : Sherman Fire Rescue
Years On The Job : 20
What Got You Started Racing : Found a boat for sale while attending our first race as a spectator. I bought it and have been hooked ever since.
Sponsors : None at this time.
2024 F-Light Drivers List

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Chris Rinker #52

Driver Name : Chris Rinker
Age : 54
Hometown : Spring, Texas
Team Name : Rinker Racing
Boat Class : F1 F200
Boat Number : 52
Nickname : The Real Deal
Crew Chief : James Chambers
Engine Builder : James Chambers/ Neal Barclay
Crew Members : James Chambers, Neal Barclay, Matt Smith, Chris Barclay, Samantha Rinker, Will Dengering
Spouse Name : Samantha “The Texas Heat” Rinker
Years Together With Spouse : Long time!
Years as a Race Driver : 38
Occupation : Owner of Rinkers Boat World a Top 100 dealership in the Nation
Employer : RBW
Years On The Job : Since I was a young lad
What Got You Started Racing : My dad and uncle John throwing me in a boat at 16! I went on that year and won the Nationals!
Sponsors : Rinker’s Boat World, McClain Trailers, Roswell Marine Audio, Sylvan Pontoon
Career Highlights : Two National Championships, being rookie of the year in F1 and finishing 4 that season! Setting a world speed record, being inducted in to the Hall of Champions.
Racing Goals : Win the F1 Series
Hobbies and Interests : Who has time for anything else??? Lol